Trader Jeans


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Trader Joe’s is taking their mission to save your neighborhood a step further by hosting a Trader Jeans event and asking you to bring in your old jeans to turn into reusable totes. Don’t worry Trader Joe's employees will help you build and design your new tote under our tiki hut in the parking lot. Sit back and relax with a complementary cup of joe and some of our favorite Joe snacks to give you that energy you need to shop and build your tote. We have a number of bag designs to fit your shopping experience and we are giving our customers an opportunity to let their personality shine by finishing the sentence we started on the back of the tote. Isn't that eggsactly what you wanted? Don’t feel bad If you’re having a lazy Sunday. You can customize your tote from the comfort of your home and pick it up next time you visit us at Trader Joes. Let’s get to it. Save the planet and stay cool with us at Trader Joes.